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Get ready for a fun betting experience with the Aviator game. The game has simple rules and an attractive design. It also features a built-in chat function for added enjoyment. Dive in and give it a try today!

aviator game by spribe

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What Is Spribe Aviator Game?

The game Aviator first hit the online gambling industry in 2019. It was Spribe’s flagship release, and it did a good job of boosting the provider’s reputation. Within a short period after its release, many Indian casinos included it in their portfolios. Players also found the game unique as it introduced a concept different from the regular slots and table games.

When you launch the game, you’ll find a gaming grid on which a red plane takes off. You can choose to turn off this animation if you want the gameplay to look a lot simpler. Whichever mode you play in, a multiplier starts counting once the session starts. This number starts at 1x and can grow to 100x, potentially rewarding lucky bettors.

A smartphone displaying Aviator game with betting options and Spribe logo

Spribe Aviator also caught attention because of its straightforward rules. All that players have to do is bet and try to cash out before the game crashes. It includes several features for an even more exciting session. These range from automatic elements to an in-game chat section. It facilitates communication between players.

The Aviator game has high-end security implementations. The developer used the same random number generators present in slots. This allows users to place an Aviator bet, knowing that every session is fair. Plus, it has Provably Fair technology that one can use to verify the genuity of each round.

The game’s fast-growing popularity earned it recognition among high-ranking associations. In fact, at the SIGMA conference, it earned the title of the most successful game nominated at that international event.


Main Information About the Slot

Game Name




Year of Launch


Game Type

Crash game



Min/Max Bet






Besides the basic features of the Aviator online game, the provider included extra elements to enhance its appeal.

Additional Features





Provably Fair


In-Game Chat



Rain promotions, Free bets

Games History


A screenshot of the quote of Spribe's CEO about Aviator


Playing the Aviator game online, whether for free or for real money, follows simple rules. This makes it ideal for new and experienced players. To start, you will find an online casino offering the option. Then you can create an account, deposit, and launch the game on a compatible device.

Every round starts with a betting session. As a multiplayer title, many bettors can wager on the same round at a time. You must place your stake during this time frame or wait for the next round. After setting the bet amount, wait for the plane to take flight and watch the multiplier value increase.

As long as that plane remains on the screen, the number will keep growing, meaning a better payout. However, you need to withdraw your earnings before the plane leaves the grid. Failure to do so will cause you to lose the amount you wagered. If you cash out on time, the casino credits your account accordingly.

That said, here’s a more detailed breakdown of how the game works:

  • Once the game starts, a multiplier value begins to count from 1x and increases as the lucky plane remains on the screen.
  • After cashing out, your pay depends on the multiplier at which you withdraw.
  • At the start of every session, the Provably Fair system creates a multiplier at which the plane will fly away. You can check the authenticity of this generation by tapping the green tick icon in the history tab.
A laptop displaying Aviator game and a smartphone with casino games library

Features and Benefits

In addition to simple gameplay, the Aviator casino game has become an inclusion in many players’ lists because of its features. These additions enhance the experience, allowing for faster and more hands-free sessions. We’ve described them in the following sections:

Bet and Cashout

A smartphone displaying AviatorDemo version with betting options

When you launch the crash title on computers, smartphones, or tablets, you’ll find several parts on the gaming grid. Among these is the betting window, located beneath the flight field. In this segment, there are two identical bet options that you can use to place the amount you want to wager per round.

For each segment, there are four preset amounts. With this, you can easily select a stake without having to manually input anything. However, if these amounts aren’t within your preferences, you can enter how much you want to bet in the appropriate field. Note that INR10 is the least threshold, while INR1,000 is the maximum.

Once you’ve selected an amount you’re comfortable with, tap the green bet button. The same principle applies to both options. After the round starts, the bet icons turn to “cashout.” These are the buttons you tap to withdraw your earnings when they reach your preferred limit. Remember that you must tap the cashout function before the plane flies off the screen.

Autoplay and Autocashout

The automatic elements are other additions that make the crash game worth playing. Using these features, bettors can stake and cash out a predetermined number of times without manual intervention. One is the autoplay option, which you’ll find once you navigate to the auto section on the betting grid.

A smartphone displaying Aviator Fun version with auto play option

Tapping autoplay opens a page where you can set the following:

  • Number of bet rounds. These could be as few as 10 times or as many as 1,000 times.
  • Stop the session if cash decreases by a certain amount.
  • Stop the game if the balance increases by a particular amount.
  • Quit the round if a single win exceeds a set threshold.

On the same auto page, you can activate the automatic cashout function. This works by programming the game to immediately withdraw your earnings once the multiplier hits a particular value. For instance, you set the feature to take out the funds if the number climbs to 3x.

To set the option, navigate to the auto section and click the button to turn on the cash-out feature. Next, enter your preferred multiplier value in the space provided beside it. You can choose to combine both autoplay and cashout for more exciting and automated wagering game rounds.

Additional Functions

The elements described in the previous section are built into the crash title. As such, you’ll come across them when playing the Aviator betting game at any online casino. However, there are a few other functions that the developer created for the game that you might not encounter on every platform.

In-Game Chat

Spribe adds a social element to the online gambling game by including a chat box. This is usually on the right side of the site’s interface, though it depends on the layout and casino. Clicking this message function opens a chat window where real-time communication with other players is possible.

In most cases, there are no prerequisites for using the chat feature. All you have to do is register with the gaming operator, and you can interact with fellow bettors in this section. On the other hand, some brands allow only those playing with real money to access this feature. This means you must deposit and use these funds to bet if you want to chat and enjoy other game options.

A screenshot displaying Chat feature

Free Bets

Claiming bonuses and promotions are the highlights of online casino gaming. As such, several sites include multiple deals for new and existing players. Free bets are some offers you’ll come across when using an online casino in India. With these packages, you can place real money wagers on sessions without touching your balance. Then, you cash out your associated earnings from these free rounds.

The exact value of the bets you receive depends on the operator. For instance, a gambling website might offer a deal worth up to INR50. How you receive the promotion also depends on the brand. Some sites might offer these only to new players who make a first deposit of at least a certain amount. Other operators might include them for existing players who have funded their accounts more than once.

A screenshot of the Aviator game displaying Total bets statistics with winning coefficients

Rain Promo

Another type of bonus you’re likely to encounter when playing the Aviator airplane game is rain promotions. These are unique deals the provider offers to active players in the chat section. They’re usually random, meaning they could fall at any time while bettors are interacting. Such offers could be free bets or a small cash amount, depending on the developer’s preference.

Like any bonus, rain promotions have terms and conditions. They could include wagering requirements. These specify how many times you must bet the bonus before cashing out your winnings. Such deals are also available for a limited time, during which you can claim or forfeit them. Always read the attached conditions. They have the requirements for getting earnings.

A smartphone displaying list of Lucky betting

Live Bets And Statistics

Spribe makes it possible to watch and learn from other players’ experiences through its live statistics. This is usually on the left side of the game grid, and it lists all bettors logged into the game at the same time as you. During the wagering round, it displays those who placed stakes and the exact amount. This information updates in real-time, providing you with the most updated details.

Once the plane takes off, it keeps track of all activities, including the time every bettor cashes out. You’ll see the multiplier at which they took out their earnings. This section also notes how much they won from that session. Monitoring live statistics helps you understand the approach other customers use. With this information and other tips we provide, you can develop a working strategy for the online casino game.

A screenshot of the Aviator game displaying statistics of 'All bets'

Round History

Tracking the previous betting rounds is easy, thanks to the addition of the round history. You’ll find these as multipliers listed at the top interface of the Aviator game. There’s also a drop-down menu beside these numbers. Clicking this reveals more multiplier values for older sessions. Players can tap on each number to find the client and server seeds, which they can use to verify that the round was fair.

On the left side of the grid, there’s another section for “My Bets.” This houses the previous stakes you placed in the Aviator plane game. It details the exact amount you placed, if the bet was successful, the multiplier at which you withdrew, and how much you won. There’s also “Top,” where you’ll find the names of players who have made the most money within the day, month, and year.

A screenshot of the Aviator game displaying Round history coefficients

Safety and Security

The provider knew that sessions might not always go smoothly due to certain factors. They added high-quality protocols to keep users safe. For example, when playing a game in India, you might have slow internet. This can slow gameplay. In the worst case, it interrupts betting.

You don’t have to worry about your stake. The game takes your wins and adds them to your balance. A software malfunction, where your device experiences glitches, is another possible scenario. In this case, your bet is immediately considered void, and you get a complete refund.

How to Start Playing Aviator


Choose a Trustworthy Casino

The first thing you must do at the beginning of your gaming journey is to select a suitable casino. You can pick one of our recommendations. They will ensure you have safe and fun experiences. Once you’ve found a casino that meets your requirements, creating an account is the next step. You do this by providing all the details, including an email and password.


Deposit Funds

To play Aviator for real money, you must add money to your account. Use one of the casino’s supported payment methods.


Launch the Aviator Game

After the transaction, head to the lobby and search for the game. Tap the play icon and place bets.

How to Make a Bet

During the betting round, set your stake amount. The Aviator gambling game has wide limits to accommodate players with varying budgets.

Tap the bet icon before the game round starts. Note that each session starts at regular intervals. So, ensure you’ve placed the wager before it begins.

Watch as the plane flies on the screen, and a multiplier starts counting. Your goal is to withdraw before the red plane leaves the screen, getting profits based on the cashout multiplier value.

Once the round ends, you can choose to stake the same amount or alter the bet size. You can also modify your strategy or use the automatic functions for upcoming rounds.

Mechanics of the Game

Bettors can trust the Aviator game in India. Its rules ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning. Here are the systems that guarantee its safety:

A smartphone displaying 100% Provably fair Aviator game and explanation what is it

Return to Player (RTP)

The return to player percentage is in any online bet shows the profits you get over time. As such, the higher the number, the better your long-term returns, and vice versa.

For the Aviator money game, the RTP is 97%. In other words, Indians are sure to get INR97 for every INR100 they wager in the long run. We consider this percentage impressive. It’s higher than what’s in many online slots.

Provably Fair Algorithm

The Aviator game uses provably fair tech. It ensures 100% fairness in every session. The game operator and three of the gamers generate the result of each round. Once the game round begins, it merges the operator’s seeds with those of the clients. This mix determines the result.

The best part of this protocol is that it lets any other gamer check if each round’s result is real. It also makes it impossible for an outside party to manipulate or influence the results.

Best Sites to Play Aviator

After extensive research, our expert team picked top Indian casinos. You can enjoy Aviator and other offerings.


1Win logo

Players who want to play Aviator with cryptocurrencies should try 1Win. The reputable gaming site is legitimate. It operates with a license and implements SSL security measures for protection. After signing up, you can access many promotions. They range from welcome offers to reload packages for existing users. Other excellent features of the operator are the availability of mobile applications and 24/7 support.


4rabet logo

The user-friendly interface and simple layout are two of 4rabet most attractive attributes. Thanks to these features, first-time visitors can navigate the platform without hassle. It also has generous promotions, including those specific to the popular game. You can enjoy all of its offerings on the go, as the website is compatible with mobile devices.

Pin Up

Pin Up logo

Since its founding, Pin-Up has become a top online gambling destination. It is known for playing the Aviator crash game. The website is intuitive, supporting multiple languages, including Hindi. This makes it easy for Indians to navigate and enjoy the site’s offerings in their local language. Pin Up stands out for four things. They are its mobile compatibility, big bonuses, fast payouts, and many transaction options.


Mostbet logo

If you’re looking for an online casino that’s compatible with both iOS and Android, Mostbet is a great fit. The platform has applications for both operating systems. It is safe and follows tight regulations. It is popular for several reasons. These include its long experience in the industry. The gaming site also has a five-part promotion for all players. It includes match-up deals and free spins.


Parimatch logo

One of the most reputable Indian casinos, Parimatch stands out from the competition because of its reliable services. As a licensed platform, it has implemented tight security protocols. These ensure that personal and financial details are secure. It also works with only the best providers, like Spribe, so its customers can access only fair games.

How to Register

If you want to start playing Aviator game for real money, you need a personal account with an online casino. Each brand has its sign-up procedure, but they usually follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the gaming site on your device and tap the registration icon.
  2. On the form that pops up, enter a working email and your phone number.
  3. Provide a strong password, choose your currency, and enter a promo code if you have any.
  4. Pick one of the available welcome bonuses. You can also choose to play without any promotion.
  5. Confirm that you’re up to 18 years old and tap the sign-up icon at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

How to Login

Once registered on the platform, accessing your account on any compatible device becomes easy. Note that the exact Aviator login process varies from one casino to another. Still, it’s identical to the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the official website via your computer or mobile device and click the sign-in button at the top of the screen.
  2. On the page that comes up, choose whether you want to sign in via email or phone. For the first, enter your email and password. If you prefer the second, provide the phone number and password.
  3. Tap the sign-in button at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

Bonuses and Promotions

Our top online casinos have bonuses and promotions. They sweeten your experience on their platforms. Check them out in the table below:

Payment Options

Our top picks offer various payment methods to cater to India’s diverse player base. This gives bettors more than enough options that they can use to deposit and withdraw funds comfortably.

How to Deposit Money

If you’re ready to play for real money, you must fund your account. Thankfully, the process is a walk in the park, and you can complete it in a few minutes. Just note that the exact steps depend on the online casino, though they’re usually similar to these:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Tap the deposit option.
  3. Choose a payment method from the available options.
  4. Enter the payment details.
  5. Use the operator’s account details to make a transfer.

Your funds will reflect within a few minutes after a successful transaction. Before completing these steps, ensure to peruse the payment terms to learn if there are any fees or conditions that could cause delays.

How to Withdraw Money

Cashing out your winnings from an online casino follows a process similar to depositing. Before cashing out, we advice that you carefully read the associated terms and conditions. That’s because each platform has its own requirements, fees, and processing time. So, reading the fine print tells you what to expect.

Another variation when it comes to getting your earnings is the withdrawal process. While this can differ from one casino to another, it mostly follows these steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Navigate to the cashier and choose the withdrawal option.
  3. Pick a payment method.
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount and other details.
  5. Submit the request and wait for the casino to process it.

Aviator Game App

A smartphone displaying online casino with webpage to download app on Android or IOS

The provider didn’t create a native Aviator app for the popular game. However, this shouldn’t disappoint you because online casinos have filled this vacuum. Some of these sites have downloadable applications where you can place bets. You can get them on mobile app stores like Google Play or directly from the operator’s official website. They’re usually lightweight and easy to install.

For players who skip downloads but like mobile gaming’s convenience, there’s the browser version. Top operators make their websites work on mobile screens. You can access the platform directly from your browser.

Whether you’re using the application or web option, you’re sure to have fun. These two versions are usually identical to their desktop counterparts. As such, you still enjoy the same features, from great graphics to automatic gameplay. You can also claim bonuses, make payments, and contact support easily when using the mobile versions.

Demo Mode

The Aviator demo game by Spribe allows you to play rounds without risking real money. This is a great way to get started with the title, especially if you’ve never tried it out before. Interestingly, you can play the game without creating an account on the site.

Playing the free version allows bettors to grasp the ins and outs, learn what it means to bet, watch live statistics, and cash out. It’s also ideal for practicing strategies and refining approaches.

Despite being risk-free, it offers an experience similar to playing the game for real money. In other words, the main aim and betting process are the same. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the site and head to the lobby.
  2. Search for Aviator Spribe among the available games.
  3. Tap the demo option.
  4. Once the game launches, set your stake amount.
  5. Click the bet icon and wait for the plane to pilot itself into the air.
  6. Cash-out before the round ends.
A smartphone displaying Aviator Fun mode with increasing multiplier and betting options

Aviator Strategies

Due to the unpredictable nature of the game, there’s no way to guarantee 100% success in your betting sessions. However, implementing a few tips can enhance the experience.

Main Strategies

Here are trusted Aviator strategies you can apply when playing live:

Single Bet


This revolves around placing one wager at a time. It’s ideal for new players as it allows you to focus on a single option.



Using this system means utilizing both betting options in the game. In other words, you place two wagers simultaneously.



You decide how much you want to earn from your sessions, then divide this estimate into smaller bet amounts. The goal is to place stakes until you’ve reached your desired profit goal.



Increase your wager by one unit after a loss and decreasing it by one after a win. Take an INR100 wager. You can raise INR150 if it is unsuccessful but reduce it to INR50 if you’re victorious.



For Martingale, players double the bet after a win and reduce it by half after a loss. So, if you lose after an INR100 wager, you increase to INR200 but reduce to INR50 if it is successful.



You increase after a win and go back to your base amount after a loss. For example, a winning INR100 stake causes you to wager INR200, but you return to INR100 if you lose.

Tips and Tricks

Besides the systems we discussed in the previous sections, here are some other helpful tips:

Take breaks: Learn to take breaks when necessary. You can set a limit for your gaming sessions to avoid spending too much time on the site.

Learn from other players: Interact with other bettors and learn their strategies. This can help you develop a stronger approach.

Use automatic features: These functions can be beneficial as they allow you enjoy laid-back sessions.

Aviator game logo and a word 'Tips' on the blue background

Manage your bankroll: One of the most important things to do, even when playing the best Aviator game, is to set budgets. Also, stick to this amount, especially if you encounter losing streaks.

Place maximum bet if you can: High rollers can wager at the maximum limit. We advice cashing out during low multipliers when placing such high stakes.


Aviator signals have emerged as a tool for players seeking an edge in their gaming experience. These elements are often linked to games like Aviator. They are thought to show patterns for winning, jackpot triggers, or the best times to play. You’ll find them on several internet platforms, from online communities to dedicated websites.

However, it is essential to approach these signals with caution. Some fraudulent individuals provide fake signs and are only on the market to scam players. Even if they’re original, understand that they are not foolproof and may not guarantee a 100% success rate.

Aviator Predictor

The Predictor is a tool or system that claims to forecast the outcomes of the Aviator game. These tools use algorithms or patterns. They are designed to find the mechanics of the title and promise better winning chances. Predictors may come in various forms, such as software, apps, or online platforms.

While the allure of guaranteed success can be tempting, it’s crucial to be careful when considering such sources. Remember: the game is unpredictable. It’s driven by random number generators (RNGs), which make any tool unreliable. Rather than using predictors, players should embrace trusted approaches.

A smartphone displaying webpage to download Predictor Aviator APK

Criterias to Choose Online Casinos

Our experts analyze gaming sites based on various essential factors, including:


A regulated casino follows certain rules to protect users. This makes licensing the first feature we check for in an online gaming site. We also learn what security measures the operator has incorporated to ensure that every detail Indians reveal on the site is safe.


Design and ease of navigation are the first two features that strike us once we visit a gaming platform. We expect a user-friendly design and a well-organized layout that allows bettors to find their way around the site without hassle.


Knowing how much players enjoy freebies, we ensure to check the promotions page. We learn if there are any bonuses unique to the Aviator betting game. Then, we check the terms and conditions to confirm they’re reasonable.

Payment Options

After registering with the brand, we visit the cashier to discover the available deposit and withdrawal methods. We also check how fast the casino processes payments, as this determines the overall wait times. An online platform gets more points if it approves transactions within 24 hours.


The suppliers at an online casino determine the quality of the games Indian players can access. As such, we always research the software providers an operator works with. We expect to see trustworthy companies like Spribe that are known for creating fair gaming options.

Customer Care

Support should be accessible on an online gambling platform 24/7. There should be multiple communication channels, like email, phone, and live chat. We also appreciate the inclusion of an FAQ page and social media pages.


You can easily tell how well a brand performs from its rating. An operator with mostly positive feedback from players has enough satisfactory features. On the other hand, consistent bad comments show that something might be wrong. So while we don’t base our reviews on other players’ experiences, we learn about the site’s reputation to get a head start on its operations.

The online gambling game has gained popularity in India partly because of its trustworthiness. Here’s why we recommend Aviator to players:

Gambling Legality in India

The gambling laws in India don’t explicitly prohibit online casino gaming. This allows players to register, deposit, and place bets on internet platforms. In other words, you can play Aviator game for money without worrying about legal repercussions. We only advice that you choose reliable online casinos.

Licenses & Certifications

Spribe has earned the trust of players because of its multiple licenses. Here are some of them:

A smartphone displaying home page of the Spribe company

Security Actions

Reputable online casinos protect customers. They do this in addition to licensing the provider. So, all attempts at hacking the game could lead to severe consequences. They include:

Automatic account closure

Account suspension

Extra verification procedures