Aviator Registration and Login

Complete the Aviator game registration and login to enjoy a betting experience second to none. The processes are a breeze, and once done, you have access to a crash title that can reward up to 10 times the bet.

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Register and log in to play the Aviator crash game at our top online casinos. Generous promotions are yours!

Aviator Sign Up Process

If you want to earn real money from the crash game, you must sign up at a reputable online casino. The registration process varies from one site to another. In fact, a few offer various ways to get started. On that note, we’ve explained the various ways one can create an account in the following sections.

One Form

Online casino sign up form with highlighted 'Extended'

This is the most common option that Indian casinos present. The process involves visiting the official website and tapping the respective button. Doing this opens a form. You enter specific details such as your email address, full name, and date of birth.

On some sites, the form leads to various pages. As such, you enter specific information in the first section and click next to proceed to the next. Once done, the platform prompts you to accept the terms and conditions. After that, you submit the form to complete signing up.


Via Email

Online casino sign up form with highlighted 'Via Email'

Popular online casinos like 1xBet often offer users the option to register via email. It’s usually straightforward and takes only a few seconds to complete. All that’s required in most cases is for the player to provide a working address and create a password. Then, you tap the button at the bottom of the page to finish the procedure.

Keep in mind that if you opt for this option, you still have to fill out your profile details. You do this after your account has gone live. Most sites will demand your name, phone number, and address. They ask for these even before depositing.


One Click

Online casino sign up form with highlighted 'In one click'

Unlike the form and email versions, one click is less common. You’ll find such alternatives on platforms like 1xBet and MostBet. Click their registration icons. As the name implies, it provides an opportunity to sign up with a single tap.

In a few cases, you only have to enter promo codes if any are available. Then, tap the register icon to kickstart your time on that platform. However, there’s no provision for creating a username or password. The casino’s system automatically does that for you.

You might be lucky to find an edit option on a few gambling sites. This allows you to modify the name and passcodes that the casino has assigned to you. On the flip side, not all operators allow an edit, so you remain with your assigned identity.


Via Phone

Online casino sign up form with highlighted 'Via mobile phone'

Using a mobile number is another Aviator website registration option that’s becoming widespread. For this method, you must provide an active phone number. You’ll come across this on several platforms, including Becric and Parimatch. Like the “one-click” option, it takes only a few minutes to complete.

After providing your phone number, the operator will usually send a one-time PIN. You must enter this code in the field provided, as this is confirmation that the number is active. Then, the system will ask you to create a password, and then you can accept the necessary terms and submit the form.


Via Social Media

Online casino sign up form with highlighted 'Via social networks'

Mostbet, 1xBet, and 1Win are casinos that also provide the option to complete account registration via social media platforms. For this process, you don’t have to fill out a registration form. Instead, you pick the network through which you would like to register. The specific media platforms vary for each casino. But, they usually include Google and Facebook.

In some cases, signing up via such networks saves you from completing your profile information. But this is not always the case. The casino might still require certain details even after you create the account.


Aviator Login Process

Similar to signing up, there are different ways to go through the Aviator game login. You’ll find more details of these procedures in the following sections.

Via Email

If you choose online casinos like Mostbet, you’ll find that you can log in with the email you used to complete the registration. To do so, follow these steps:

Note that these steps might differ slightly on some platforms. Regardless, all the operator will ask you to provide is your email address and password. Then you can access your account and play the crash game Aviator.

Via Social Media

Besides creating a new account through a social network, you can also log in using the same medium. Such an option is available at 1xBet. All you have to do when you visit the site is click the respective icon at the top of the screen. Afterwards, you pick your preferred access network and follow the prompts. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Via Phone

1Win, Batery, and Pin Up are a few online casinos that allow players to access an Aviator account via phone. The process involves providing the number you registered with along with the passcodes you created. We’ve provided a more detailed process. It’s for opening your online gaming platform on these sites:


After you register for the Aviator game, the operator will need you to verify your account. The process is crucial, as it’s aimed at ensuring the integrity and security of the gaming platform. Through this method, operators confirm the identity and personal details of their users. With this, it maintains a trustworthy and compliant gambling environment.

The account verification process is essential. It protects both the players and the casino. Using this approach, the operator can identify and curb fraudulent activities. They can also prevent underage gambling and money laundering. Plus, such procedures are compulsory at most licensed casinos. The operator must subject players to specific requirements set by its regulatory body. Players must comply with these requirements.

There are several ways in which online casinos perform verification. They’re as follows:

  • The most common method is document verification. To do this, users must submit ID documents. These can be a driver’s license or a government-issued ID card.
  • You also need copies of a utility bill that clearly displays your address. This bill must not be older than three months.
  • Also, casinos may use advanced technologies like facial recognition for biometric verification. This use enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the process.
  • In this case, the operator might demand a selfie with your documents. They might also ask for a video call to confirm your identity.
A laptop with chips on the background and text 'Why do online casino request verification?'

Note that the details on your document must tally with those you provided to the casino during registration. So it’s important to enter accurate information to avoid delays.

The time to complete the process varies from one Spribe Aviator game platform to another. Some require just a few hours to crosscheck the details before approval. Others might take a few days.

Also, note that some sites will not ask for verification of account after completing the registration. Regardless, you must go through the procedure before cashing out your Aviator first winnings.

How To Register and login with the App

Top online casinos allow you to play Aviator game using smartphones and tablets. With this, bettors can enjoy gaming sessions via their mobile browser. They can also download apps if the operator supports such. Regardless of which mobile version you use, the experience is the same. All you have to do is locate the registration page. Enter your email and other details. Complete the process and start playing.

A smartphone displays casino registration form with bonus offer

The following is a stepwise description of how to sign up and login when using Android and iOS devices.

  1. Visit the online casino and tap the sign up login icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Provide the necessary details, which include your full name and phone number.
  3. Choose a password.
  4. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. You can now play the Aviator demo on the site.
  6. If you want to win real money from playing the game, visit the cashier and deposit.

Once you have an account, you only need to tap the Aviator log in button and enter your username and password. Then, you can view your dashboard and play the online casino game. Note that if you use a mobile app, you must first complete the download before registering.

Registration Bonus

Our highly recommended casinos offer welcome bonus deals. You can claim them after creating an account. Check them out below:

💰Online Casino🎁Promotion
Batery150% plus 50 free spins on your first deposit
Pin UpUp to INR 450,000 and 250 free spins
4rabet700% crash welcome offer
1Win500% match-up deal on your first deposit
MostbetMatched deposit bonuses and free spins
1xBetWelcome package up to INR130,000 and 150 free spins
Becric120% casino bonus
Parimatch150% up to INR105,000
Dafabet100% up to INR20,000
Odds96200% deposit bonus plus 10 free spins and INR50 free bet
Bluechip500% casino welcome pack


What are the common methods for registering to play the Aviator game online?

Common registration methods for playing the Aviator game online include signing up through a simple form on the casino’s website, using an email address, a one-click registration process, registering via a mobile phone number, and using social media platforms.

Can I play the Aviator game for free before registering at an online casino?

Yes, many online casinos offer a demo version of the Aviator game, allowing potential players to try out the game for free before deciding to register and play with real money.

Are there any bonuses available upon registering to play Aviator at online casinos?

Yes, many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players upon registration, which can include matched deposit bonuses, free spins, and other promotional offers designed to enhance the gaming experience and provide additional value to players. The specifics of these bonuses vary by casino.

What is required for the verification process after registering to play Aviator?

The verification process typically requires players to submit identification documents such as a government-issued ID card or a driver’s license, and sometimes a utility bill to verify the address. Some casinos may also use advanced technologies like facial recognition or request a video call for biometric verification.

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